SSMS is a research group at Florida State University interested in the how students use social media, both in and out of the school environment, and how social media use influences their learning (both formal and informal) as well as their interactions within the school environment.

Current Team

Principal Investigators

Vanessa Dennen, Professor of Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies
Stacey Rutledge, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy

Lead Graduate Student Researcher

Lauren Bagdy, Doctoral Student, Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies

Graduate Student Researchers

Hajeen Choi (Lit Review, University Students)
Kari Knisely (Lit Review)

Undergraduate Research Assistants 2019-20

Anthony Boucher
Catherine Cosgrove
Shannon McWaters
Sophie Rhoads
Caitlin Violette

2019-20 UROP Students

Sara Bouhamid
Casey Cargill
Charleine Etienne
Meghan Gilmore
Amber Hedquist
Thomas Lovegren
Mackenzie Tolrud

Past Team Members

Kristian Diaz, UROP Program, 2018-19
Emma Jo McAuliffe, UROP Program, 2018-19
Vanessa Oduro, UROP Program, 2018-19
Brandell Theard, UROP Program, 2018-19
Jerrica Rowlett, Doctoral Student, Communication, 2015-2017
Shannon Burnick, UROP Program, 2016-17
Sarah Joyce, UROP Program, 2015-16